1. Leather Works (Shoes and Bags) and Corporate Souvenirs and Gift Items

The content in this training module include the following: Making and designing of adult and children shoes as well as students’ shoes, sandals and bags, office files, folders, conference briefcase, wallets, seats covers with display name and logo on it, and other forms of souvenirs and gift items.

For a region with a large skin market like northern Nigeria, obtaining raw and processed materials which are requisite inputs in the venture is made easy. Creating the market is also all the more easy, because a whole lot of producers in the business do not usually produce final products from these materials, only materials-in-process. We will train the participants on the production of all these materials that can then be sold to local group of buyers and individuals.


  1. Soap Making and Cosmetics

The content in this training involves the making of solid and liquid soap, turarenwuta, air freshener and other forms of cosmetics that are commonly used in the northern environment.

 In an environment that is prone to dust like northern Nigeria, production and sales of soaps for domestic use is always on the upward swing. The soaps in this category are those for bathing (Medicated and toilet), clothe washing as well as plates washing.

 The market for these products is so large that even soaps that are brought in trucks to the north on daily basis from various producing states, for example, do not suffice for local use alone. In the market categories are: Households, Schools and Offices, Eateries, restaurants and other forms of food sellers, distributors who resell to neighbouring states, etc.


  1. Events Planning and Management/ Interior and Exterior Designs

The content in this training module involves the following: Making of interior decoration such as bed-sets like, bed spreads, pillows, cushion sets, etc., center rugs, kitchen sets, toilet sets, as well as baby set, and curtains, indoor and outdoor decoration for parties and other occasions, etc. There is quite an array of other items on the training list that are introduced at the course of the training.


  1. Hair Salon and Body care/ Manicure and Pedicure

The content of this module involves: hair setting and washing for ladies as well as hair setting for men and children. Also included are manicure, pedicure, body dressing for brides, etc. The full content of this training module are unveiled to participants as they commence the training programme.

 In a region that has a very high taste for women body dressing and traditional bridal make-up, developing trainees in this venture is not only worthwhile, it is paramount. Suffice to add that, the same traditional body dressing is carried out in neighbouring African countries including Chad, Niger, Mali, etc. It is to Dubai and some of the earlier mentioned countries that some of our locals go for the purpose of their bridal make-up and salon services.

 Our organization trains the participants to create beauty packages that effectively rival what obtains in Dubai and other African countries, such that, besides the large local market, the international market could as well be a target for the trainees.


  1. Tailoring, Sewing, Embroidery and Fashion Designing

The module in this training involves: Sewing of adult and children attires, embroidery design for men, women and children, baby dressings, African customs designs, Arabian design and English wears.


This spectrum of module is about one of the largest in the training packages on which participants stand to gain much more. Reason for this is not far to fetch. The northern local market where we operate is made up of people who are predominantly traditional clothes wearers. The average size of the people who wear traditional clothes on a regular basis is well above 85% of a total population that is well above 30 million people. Suffice to add that, not less than 90% of these traditional attires are designed with various forms of embroidery and our people take their clothes abroad for embroidery works which we can perfect here. So, there is no question about patronage when a participant is highly skilled.


  1. Business/Online Registration Centre

The content in this training module involves: Computer appreciation, desktop publishing, typographic design, photocopying, one minute digital passports, laminating as well as binding of corporate and students projects and online registration of students for WAEC, NECO, JAMB and also registration of students who are already in school.


With computer knowledge becoming the vogue in the country, and e-learning being a paramount part of it, business in this area is the in-thing and are really booming on many school campuses, especially because very few students indeed have access to personal computers, nor can use any.


  1. Carpentry and Joinery

The content in this module of training include: office furniture and fitting, home furniture and fittings, traditional furniture and fitting, school benches, lockers and chairs, stood for factory and home use, etc. There is infinite number of products that can be churned out of this training programme, the limit is where the trainee sets it as well as what the job owner desires.

The market is equally as wide, because there is hardly any institution, agency, corporate establishment as well as individual homes that do not need furniture no matter how few their desired pieces will be.


  1. Welding and Fabrication

The content in this module is as wide as furniture mentioned above, the only difference being that, while the above may be wooden furniture, this is metal. The joining processes are thereby different and require different mechanisms.


The need for the products in this module can be seen in institutions of learning, building projects, corporate establishments, individual homes, etc. The market thus is as large as the need.


  1. Beads making and design

Beads making has come to stay as long as traditional fashion is not jettisoned. Brides and bridegrooms, chiefs and party chieftains, traditional people, etc., all comprise the market for the beads business. Our trainees are empowered on the art of the skill itself, as well as the business of beads in the northern Nigeria, as well as outside of the region.


  1. Aluminum Works

The content in this training module involves frames for windows and doors, sliding windows and doors, aluminum decorations and designs, etc. The prospect for trainees is building projects. Most, if not all building projects, need the service of aluminum experts to make doors for them, windows, poles and various other designs. As long as building keep rising and people keep improving their existing buildings, the need for aluminum works will never end.


  1. Computer and handset Repairs and Maintenance

Exposure to computer is higher in Nigeria today, much higher than it was some five years ago, and so is the use of the device. Because of this exposure, damage is bound to occur on the device as they are used by the owners. It goes without saying therefore that, some people must be available to fix the damaged systems.

 The need for repairers of handsets is higher. The advantage that our trainees have is that not only are they trained on repairing computers, they are also trained on handset (cell phone) repairs.


  1. Catering, Restaurant and Kitchen Management

Due to growth in population, the demand for catering services continues to increase especially in our urban and semi urban areas. This aspect provides vast opportunities for the youth especially female to acquire skills in various Nigerian Dishes thereby making them self-employed.


  1. Poultry and Fisheries

With the new government focus on the development of the agricultural sector in order to diversify the economy and ensure food security the opportunities in the areas of fish farming and poultry will be ever increasing. Over the years Nigeria has not been able to be self sufficient in fish and poultry production. We provide a comprehensive training programme in this area.


  1. Animal Feeds production

With growth in poultry and fish production, the demand for feeds will continue to increase. Moreover, training on Poultry and fish farming is expected to go hand in hand with feeds production. We provide an integrated training in this area.   


  1. Tying and Dyeing

Tie and Dye has been an ancient trade in Kano and other parts of the north. The vast opportunities in this area have not been harnessed. There exists a lot of opportunities not only in the domestic market but the product has great potential for export. Nigeria has not been able to utilize the opportunities provided under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) to export Garment to the US market. We provide innovative training in this area.


  1. Photography and Printing Services

With growth in education and the demand for the associated services, the opportunities in this area are very enormous. Among the trades here include production of Photo Album, Digital Photography, Printing of Tea Shirts for graduating students and Sporting activities, Production of Posters, Hand Bills, Calendars, etc. We have the state of the art facilities to provide a comprehensive training in this area


  1. Recharge Cards Printing

Over the years Nigeria has been losing a lot foreign exchange in production of recharge cards abroad. With the new face of regulation in the telecommunication sector and the desire of telecom firs to save cost, there is going to be an expanding opportunities in recharge cards production in Nigeria. We provide an effective training in this aspect.



  1. Paint Production

Growth in population is increasing the demand for housing which in turn boost the demand for paint in the country. Moreover, the production of paint involves simple technology which can easily be learnt. Furthermore, the raw materials for the production of paint are readily available. It should be noted that the business of paint production is highly profitable. It also requires relatively small capital and can be done on a small scale basis. We provide a comprehensive training in paint production.


  1. Tiling and Interlock Production  

This business flourishes with the growth in the housing and urban sector. The Production of these products involves simple technology, and the raw materials are easily available. We provide a compressive training in this aspect.


  1. Film Production and Editing

The Nigerian Entertainment Industry is among the fastest growing in the world providing vast opportunities for employment and job creation. The capacity in this sector especially in the north is very low. With the expected job creation programmes of Federal Government, the demand for this service is expected to witness phenomenal growth. We have the state of the art facilities for providing training in this area.

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