1. Leather Works (Shoes and Bags) and Corporate Souvenirs and Gift Items

The content in this training module include the following: Making and designing of adult and children shoes as well as students’ shoes, sandals and bags, office files, folders, conference briefcase, wallets, seats covers with display name and logo on it, and other forms of souvenirs and gift items.

For a region with a large skin market like northern Nigeria, obtaining raw and processed materials which are requisite inputs in the venture is made easy. Creating the market is also all the more easy, because a whole lot of producers in the business do not usually produce final products from these materials, only materials-in-process. We will train the participants on the production of all these materials that can then be sold to local group of buyers and individuals.


  1. Soap Making and Cosmetics

The content in this training involves the making of solid and liquid soap, turarenwuta, air freshener and other forms of cosmetics that are commonly used in the northern environment.

 In an environment that is prone to dust like northern Nigeria, production and sales of soaps for domestic use is always on the upward swing. The soaps in this category are those for bathing (Medicated and toilet), clothe washing as well as plates washing.

 The market for these products is so large that even soaps that are brought in trucks to the north on daily basis from various producing states, for example, do not suffice for local use alone. In the market categories are: Households, Schools and Offices, Eateries, restaurants and other forms of food sellers, distributors who resell to neighbouring states, etc.


  1. Events Planning and Management/ Interior and Exterior Designs

The content in this training module involves the following: Making of interior decoration such as bed-sets like, bed spreads, pillows, cushion sets, etc., center rugs, kitchen sets, toilet sets, as well as baby set, and curtains, indoor and outdoor decoration for parties and other occasions, etc. There is quite an array of other items on the training list that are introduced at the course of the training.   Read More


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