Our Office
Located at Gandun Albasa, Kano State, Nigeria.


*** CATERING TRAINING Registration in Progress at our Office.

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Joint Venture Programmes

for Light Industries and Assembly Plants: Designed to establish collaborative links with government and other development agencies on the development of light industries that will augur for rapid industrial development of the state.

Skills Acquisition Programmes

With well over 20 skills acquisition categories on which trainees can acquire knowledge and training.

Business Incubation Programmes

Established to nurture new businesses and guide them in their formative and growth years against business failure which are prevalent among start-ups.

Entrepreneurship Programmes

Designed to develop entrepreneurial spirits and skills in students of all schools cadre and retiring public and private officers.

About us

  • Our primary intention is to empower the youths and other classes of adults and those who are retiring from active service on how to acquire skills and self-employed through the entrepreneurial endeavour. O.C.I.L provides a flat form for collaborative efforts with Governments, Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Development Agencies, etcin promoting         Read more...